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YOGS/Blackrock drabble - In Sleep
(A/N: Implied Zoeythian but can also be read as close friendship if ya like.
Contains very vague Rythian/End fanon; can also be read however you like.)
Though the journey had been a blur, there were moments of it Rythian wished he could forget. Fleeing from one’s obliterated home was hard enough, but to have to carry the person you held dearest to your heart and not even know for sure if they were still breathing…
He hadn’t known half of the time what he was doing. His body was running on autopilot, cradling her in his arms, too scared to move her too much but knowing that taking things slowly was no option at all. He vaguely suspected he had passed out at one point in his distress, or from sheer exhaustion, because one moment he had been carrying Zoey’s body in his arms, trudging through deep desert, and the next both of them were slumped limp on Teep’s back as the dinosaur trotted them hastily through the worst of the heatwave. Then there had been blurre
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AkuDemyfan: Dark Link - Green by WolfieKid AkuDemyfan: Dark Link - Green :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 2 1 Xarti:  Pterosaur - Orange by WolfieKid Xarti: Pterosaur - Orange :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 2 3 KH - Die In A Fire by WolfieKid KH - Die In A Fire :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 0 4 HighRollers/YOGS - The Spirit by WolfieKid HighRollers/YOGS - The Spirit :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 27 3 Shadowofthebandicoot: Alucard - Black by WolfieKid Shadowofthebandicoot: Alucard - Black :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 4 3 Shadowofthebandicoot: Soma - White by WolfieKid Shadowofthebandicoot: Soma - White :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 1 4 Gill's Balloon by WolfieKid Gill's Balloon :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 3 1 Theseadragon: Little Girl - Teal by WolfieKid Theseadragon: Little Girl - Teal :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 1 2 YOGS - Blackrock Selfie by WolfieKid YOGS - Blackrock Selfie :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 10 1 OC - Paradise Awaits by WolfieKid OC - Paradise Awaits :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 2 1 YOGSCAST - Sketches and Doodlebugs by WolfieKid YOGSCAST - Sketches and Doodlebugs :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 5 1
YOGS - Bloodmoon over Blackrock 8: The End
The blood moons had taken a bit of a toll on the Sipsco compound. Creeper explosions had disrupted the redstone mechanisms that fuelled the production line, and a spider had become entangled in the power lines, hissing most sulkily as it flopped and fidgeted, only getting further muddled. Normally Sips would have sent Sjin up to dislodge it with a stick, but Sjin was refusing to come out of his cupboard/office after his ‘encounter’ with Rythian the previous night.
“Sjin, I’m getting fed up of telling you to come out of the closet,” the businessman drawled, knocking again on the door.
“I’m not coming out!” came the muffled retort.
“God damn it, come out here right now, young lady.”
“Come on, just because you got brutally slaughtered by a guy-“
“As if I needed further proof that Rythian is a psychopath! No! I’m not coming out!”
“Do I gotta come in there?”
“No! Go
:iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 2 2
YOGS - Bloodmoon over Blackrock 7: Tea with Nilesy
Far away, back where the group had started, the sun had risen over Blackrock Hold. Zombies and Skeletons that had been caught out by the approaching morning now floundered in the swamp and surrounding cliffs, wandering around on fire and highly confused. As they gradually expired under the warmth of the sun, birds began to tweet and serene stillness settled all about the dark structure.
Rythian’s wolf, Ghost, licked his nose as he prowled about the perimeter. His sister Willow followed a little distance behind, sniffing for any further trace of her mistress. Ever since that stranger in the white coat had come and taken their humans away, they had been rather agitated. The monsters had not helped, and the moon had made them feel rather funny. Ghost stopped by the little farm beside Blackrock and sniffed the air, before looking back at his sister. She was lightly batting a mushroom with her paw.
He gently whined for her attention, then led the way to the cattle pen: the two Mooshro
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YOGS - Bloodmoon over Blackrock 6: Reunion
“If you weren’t so slow-!”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry-“
Anything could have happened but nooo: you took your sweet time, didn’t you?”
“Come on, you know I didn’t do it on purpos-“
“Why did I ever have to land in your stupid fountain that day-!”
“Of all the people I could be stuck with-“
WHAT. DUNCAN.” The woman finished her tirade with a venomous glare, huffing up at the far taller male. He lowered the hands he had raised to try and defend against her accusations, gazing at her with relief and sincerity.
“You look awful,” he remarked with a smile.
The bazooka very nearly took out his whole lower jaw. The resulting fall down the rest of the tower stairs took a full minute, Kim leisurely strolling down behind him, muttering darkly. As she reached the bottom and found Duncan’s crumpled heap awaiting her,
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Snow Globe Attempt by WolfieKid Snow Globe Attempt :iconwolfiekid:WolfieKid 0 1

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Disney-fy yourself meme by palnk Disney-fy yourself meme :iconpalnk:palnk 1,543 279 Lea Bambi Version by Nightrizer Lea Bambi Version :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 603 26 Dance Water, Dance by roseone223 Dance Water, Dance :iconroseone223:roseone223 17 0 The Night of Twilight by Kizzy-chan The Night of Twilight :iconkizzy-chan:Kizzy-chan 128 68 buuuuurn by Shin-zo buuuuurn :iconshin-zo:Shin-zo 207 45 Mask of Red. by Endling Mask of Red. :iconendling:Endling 13,604 904 KH - Axel Halloween Town by Cowslip
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KH - Axel Halloween Town :iconcowslip:Cowslip 263 196
-Bleed- by Kumagorochan -Bleed- :iconkumagorochan:Kumagorochan 245 39 Go Get a Roomie- Pansexuality by batlesbo Go Get a Roomie- Pansexuality :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 689 112
Dialogue 6 - Blame the Bullies
"Look at this, Ax. Yet another teenager commits suicide because he was bullied to the point where death was preferable. The more you hear about things like that, the less you blame the kids who snap and go postal instead."
"Almost makes me want to go postal. I can't tolerate that shit and I don't understand how other people can stand by and do nothing. Especially the people who could do something if they wanted to. Teachers, parents, people in authority - fuck, even the other kids. Not one other kid at that school had the guts to look at what was happening and say 'hey, knock that off', or go over and tell the kid 'fuck those losers, I'm on your side'. Not even the fucking janitor."
"You know, Demyx...I can hear the experience in your voice."
"Yeah, I'm not surprised."
"It hurts, doesn't it?"
"Like more hell than you know."
"...Does that article say...anything about...why that kid was bullied in particular? Like, was he gay or..."
"...Yeah, actually. He
:iconvanshirakasores:VanshiraKasores 17 4
Steban - Character Sheet by Skailla Steban - Character Sheet :iconskailla:Skailla 764 114 You Won't Breathe Your Last Today by Skailla You Won't Breathe Your Last Today :iconskailla:Skailla 1,972 171 KHCoM: Zexion-Ienzo Trauben_02 by BOMB4Y KHCoM: Zexion-Ienzo Trauben_02 :iconbomb4y:BOMB4Y 866 13 Demyx : i can be serious too by emixoO Demyx : i can be serious too :iconemixoo:emixoO 2,320 241 Kimchii's Demyx by KeyshaKitty Kimchii's Demyx :iconkeyshakitty:KeyshaKitty 2,108 238 KH - Dancing on Water by FerioWind KH - Dancing on Water :iconferiowind:FerioWind 123 18
Awesome works of awesome art.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Quick note: I'm still aware I have pictures to draw. Sorry for the delay: my brother had a wedding and my family have all been rushing around because of it. Should have more time in the coming weeks.

Raven-Black09: Burnt orange Obito Uchiha
Xion-Scarlet: Blue/green Tifa
LightHelco: Red/blue/yellow Org XIII Trio
Riku-Uzumaki: Blue Ravi



I've been in a general story-and-character-building mood and thusly I want to open the floor to you guys, if you're interested. If you've wanted to know something about my versions of the KH crew or any of my OCs that they've brushed with in my fanfics, ask whatever you like below and I'll answer as best as I can. It can be anything from pointing out plot holes to wanting to know a character's favourite shade of blue, or whatever. x3

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then please enjoy the following video so that this journal was not a waste of your time.

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